Oatman, or rather Burro ville

We started off on hwy.66,towards Needles, but gave that up pretty fast, the road was in total disrepair, unbelievably rough, huge chunks missing, here and there, poor Westy had a hard time with it, and i started watching nervously in the rear view mirror, if we were losing any parts!!!!
So, back for a while to the 40, then, near Topock, we ventured out on the 66 again, and this time it was acceptable, this route, towards Sitgreaves pass, Elevation 3.523 feet, was marked as a very scenic route.
It was beautiful, very wild, very rugged, not much growing here, but it had an overall different atmosphere.
We stopped here and there, to take pictures, and look for wildlife, at one of these spots , a car was parked with two gents sitting in it, and a Burro standing by!!!!
These Burros are wild, looking like a small donkey, but they have a black cross on their backs, and because of this they sometime s are called Jesus Burros!!
The fellows came to talk to us, they had been target practicing, NO, not on the Burros, but in the desert.
Their trunk was open, and the Burro sauntered over to it, stuck its head in and looked to be very busy.
Now it so happened, that the trunk contained a case of water bottles, a definite must out here, the Burro kept working on something, and hauled out a bottle in its mouth!!!! One of the gents took it and opened it, and the animal drank the whole bottle down, as if it does this every day!!!!
I figured it was pretty special to see one of these animals until we came into Oatman……..040045

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