Palm Desert, Shadow Hills RV Resort, Woody the road runner!!

We have stayed in quite a few RV places, some ok, some not so great, but the one, we finally found in Palm Desert,IMG_4787 after searching in the dark, is called, Shadow Hills RV resort, family owned,family operated, friendly folks that did not look down on our Westy, they gave us a nice quiet spot, surrounded by some greenery, and a friendly visitor, Woody the road runner, who would stand and watch, as Bert ate his lunch, hoping for a tidbit, Bert ended up giving him some Gouda cheese, and after throwing it up into the air several times, i guess he was checking to see if it would fly away, he ate it!!!! Actually, he would not leave Bert alone any more, a road runner, hooked on Gouda cheese!!!!!
The resort has beautiful landscaping, flowers every where, they even had a pond, with Koi fish, where a lone Egret tried to grab the fish!!

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