Anza Borrego desert, Palm Desert.

Having always lived in relatively green and wet areas, all my life really, the desert had a huge impact on me, i was not sure really, what it was, yes, everything is dry, desolate, no green trees, cacti, but it was something else, and then i realized, it is quiet!! the desert is very quiet, even when it blows, it is quiet, no wind blowing through the trees, no screaming seagulls, just quiet.
I really loved it there, but am not sure if i could live there all the time, i would yearn for the ocean, the calling of birds, true, we did hear hawks and vultures calling, way up in the sky, but its just different.
We hope to go back sometime, when the cacti bloom, they now had seedpods on top of their leaves, but i will first have to find out which cacti bloom when, some only bloom every 7 years!!!!IMG_4744 This is a Beavertail cactus. It has a beautiful hot pink flower, when blooming……

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