Like i said,moving on!!!

No more birds!!! for now……Life in the Westy slowly became easier, lets face it, we are talking small space for two people, but once the weather became a bit, just a bit warmer, i didnt freeze anymore , up in the top bunk!! The fridge worked well on 12 volt ,when we drove, and once the car was plugged in, it did ok too, but it would not work on propane, no matter how we tried, it would not start. One of our most important food are vegetables, and for that i bought a wonderful basket in Mendocino, we always had a supply of onions,carrots,yams,leek ,parsnip and potatoes, they stayed fresh the longest. We tried not to eat too many canned foods, and when i did buy them, i bought organic, not nearly as much salt!!!! Food is very expensive in the US, plus there is the difference in the dollars, i visited some healthfood stores, and i have to say, they are just beautiful, very well laid out, fresh vegies, wonderful breads, but oh so expensive!!!! Gas prices were good, as they were at home too, we paid on average $ 2.80 US per gallon, so a very good price.

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