Changing coast line.

Slowly things start changing,especially the bird population,the first birds that i had not seen before were the brown pelicans, these birds, which i find so incredibly comical,hang around the docks and any place that could have a free meal for them. They compete with the cormorants,but later on ,along the coast, we watched the pelicans fly over the huge waves with great speed, watching for fish and dive into the swell , coming back up with a fish in its mouth, it disappeared very quickly in that huge beak they have! We loved watching them, their amazing flying acrobatics,while on land they look kind of out of place,a bit sullen, with a questioning look on their face. We mainly saw the brown pelicans at first but later on ,at the Salton sea,we saw black young ones and pure white adult ones. A bit south of Mendocino,on the beach,the bird population was incredible,the curlew, ringed plovers,and best of all the royal terns, i totally fell in love with these funny looking birds, they look as if someone dropped a heavy object on their heads, and made their legs short, but too short for their bodies, they seem confused ,standing with their backs into the wind, so their feathers stand straight up, must be a reason for this, never seen a bird do this before. Something about the pelicans that is interesting is that they were almost extinct some years back ,from pesticide pollution but have made a great come back. Here are some photos of all these feathery critters.

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