moving on,South!! Where it is suppose to be warmer…….

There is very little left of the redwood forests, amazing to think that this whole coast, once upon a time, was covered with these beautiful giants.
We are in California, and its not warm……
We stopped in Klamath,to get some free maps and info about campings. There are very few campings, the parks have campings but no electricity, so no heater on.
but we wanted to stay in the forest for at least one night before looking for maybe some private RV campings.
We ended up in Elk Prairie, the name says it all, elk!!! never did see one…… Huge difference with on the way back north where we had to make a path with the Westy to try to navigate around them!! Anyways, the camping was cold and very damp, which slowly was becoming a big problem for me. Trying to sleep in the bottom bed with Bert was not an option, as i would lie there like a sardine, not able to move, Bert is a BIG guy!!!!!
Every morning again, there would first be the belt, huge racket, then also the exhaust, which by this time definately had a problem, and then the smack on the dash, to get the speedometer going.
I was getting used to this all…….
The campsites in California are not nearly as well kept as the Oregon ones, dirtier for sure, and the equipment , like tables and washrooms, seemed very old, and in disrepair.
They are expensive, in Oregon we paid no more then 20 US,with power included, in California the price was well over 35 Us, we tried to tell them that we were a couple of “oldies”,so should that not be cheaper??? and they then took off 2 US dollars!!! Oh well…..

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