Continuing South…..

Every morning,after folding the upper bed, then the lower bed, so we could move around and make breakfast,i cleaned up the dishes, put away the rest of the containers, blankets ect.,Bert would then start the engine, got her purring nicely and away we went. After a few minutes, a warning was given by Bert, and he then wacked the dash, with the flat of his hand, this was the way to get the speedometer going, well, the first few times , i hit the roof and then was ready to throw Bert out of the car!!!! Good grief!!!!!!! it apparently was the only way to get it going, so Bert very quickly learned to warn me, it became then part of the morning ritual. Clean Westy, pack Westy, Start Westy, and smack the dash,VERY LOUD!!!!
He needs to replace the speedometer, but it is not an easy task.
We decided to take Hwy.1,all along the coast, but by the time we left Rex and Heidi, the weather was terrible, driving rain, wind, big wind, cold, so by the time the evening came ,i had no intention to sleep up there,in the top bed, what basically is a tent!!!! I had thoughts of literally blowing away!!! So we stopped in Oregon,at Rockaway Beach Resort, they didnt have vacancy but had some rooms with a time share, also we really wanted a kitchen.
The storm blew itself out in the early morning, and the waves out there were just splendid, but everywhere are warnings for the Rip Currents. We had just woken up,when we heard a huge thunderclap, then lightening, whats up with the weather??? So happy i didn’t sleep in the Westy……..

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