More about the Westy

We have been getting a lot of attention from folks,interested in our Westfalia, they usually ask for a peak inside, thank goodness its pretty tidy most of the time, and the first thing they see is the chest of drawers, and the next question is always if it was specially fitted into the van. yup!!!! by Walmart!!! its perfect for us, i dont like plastics very much but this is cheap, easy to clean ,and holds all our undies, t-shirts,socks, and even some tools, shoes go in the bottom. We have it tied to the front chair so it cant go travelling on its own.
Even in such a small space as the Westfalia,i still cannot find stuff, there are a lot of little cubby holes!
So, i told you about the noise in the back, Bert thought tranny, but it indeed ended up being the exhaust system,which we had fixed in Phoenix AZ.for a lot of money, only to start leaking again two days later, Bert ended up fixing it himself, bought the right gaskets and new bolts and it has been great ever since.
talking about noise…… the third day travelling , the belt started making this horrible squealing sound,and i mean horrible,people walking by her stopped and stared,i slowly sunk down into my chair…… Now , the belt had not been looked at, other then it looked ok, so Bert bought belt dressing, even studied the problem online, that didnt do the trick, the squealing became even louder, and Bert, in his frustration, stomped on the gas ,revved the engine ,and the belt just screamed!!!!!
Eventually, he bought a new belt, the right size one too, as the one on the Westy was just a tad too long.
All was quiet, and away we went again.

The debate over the size of the engine continues,we thought it had a 2.1 litre engine, but now it might only be a 1.9. We are not sure……some of the components are for a 2.1,others for a 1.9.
But heh!!! she runs like a charm, more then enough power, goes up and down mountains, yes, slow, but she gets there!!!

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