10.000 km later…….

And so we started out, on November 19,fully packed, everything we thought we might need and then some. We took the ferry in Victoria to Port Angeles, didnt need a reservation, the ferry had just a few cars and trucks on it. There is a wonderful natural food store downtown, Country Aire natural food market, i always head there first, have lunch there, the soup is just great, and buy my greens, as i cannot take any with us over the border. We were headed for our friends home, Rex and Heidi,who live near the ocean, near Ocean Park ,in Washington,near the mouth of the Columbia river. But,before we went there we decided that it would be smart to try out our Westy, see if everything was ok, the beds, cooking, comfort….. So, we stopped at Olympic State park, and had to pay all of 7 dollars for our stay, because we are a couple of “oldies”,hah!!!!! I decided to sleep in the top bunk, as Bert’s head sticks out and over the top, he doesnt fit well, in the lower bed he sticks his feet out the end, but that doesnt bother him…he says….. The next morning we noticed already, that the Westy was making quite the racket once started, my first thought was the exhaust system, but Bert figured it was the tranny, lovely!!!! A tranny job would cost us well over 3000!! We rumbled down the road towards Rex and Heidi, and the more i heard the noise, the more i said,(quietly to myself), its the exhaust! More about this later. We had a great time with Rex and Heidi, i love their little dog Haida ,and Big Dutchess is such a sweet dog, then there is little Schatsy, i hope i spell that ok, wonderful to have some furry critters around me, the cats came and sat on my lap even!!!
We went into Oysterville the next day for some shopping and coffee and goodies. Thank you friends, hope to see you again soon!!!

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