November……no idea how that happened….time to write!!!

I am going to start off telling you about two young people,both sailors, out there right now ,sailing South!!!    Their names are Jessie and Neil, and their boat’s name is                          ” The Red Thread”      We met them last year, sailing around Vancouver Island, two wonderful,courageous ,young people ,living on board in Seattle and working towards sailing South. Well, they are doing that right now, sailing from San Francisco to Monterey,if you like, follow them on their blog: SVTHE RED THREAD.COM      The blog is wonderful, full of great info about boating, about life, about sailing!!!!     I admire them very much, and we hope to meet them again someday!!

As for us……well, here we go!!    I have had major issues with my new computer, and became very discouraged using it at all, while we were in Comox , we had a gent from the computer shop come to the boat ,to teach me how to use this darn thing, its not the computer itself, a beauty,ASUS X550D, but its Windows 8 ,which i absolutely hate, i had been using Windows XP for 9 years, just loved it, it was simple, easy,clear to use, i am not super smart but i got along very well with XP, and now Windows 8, i really started doubting my ability to learn anything new, what a frustration, this nice gent from the computer shop changed things as much as possible for me ,so its almost….ALMOST like XP, at least i am blogging again, so here we go with the stories i want to share!!!


4 thoughts on “November……no idea how that happened….time to write!!!

      • Sorry, I didn’t get back to you – was making dinner. We had the cruise from hell this year – including a near miss by lightening. The bolt hit the water right beside us as we were heading to Ocean Falls – fried the inverter.

  1. Reading the sweet things your wrote about us made our day! We, too, hope that our paths cross again some day, ideally in a lovely anchorage! Cheers to you…and may your computer woes soon come to an end. How very frustrating! Much love, Neil & Jessie

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