The town of Trinity.

Many of you might have watched the movie,”The shipping news”, this movie was filmed here, in Trinity, if you really want a back east, Newfoundland feeling, you will get it here!
WE had chatted with one of the ladies at the tourist bureau in St.John’s, and she told us to make sure to visit Trinity, and also stop at one of the B&B’s, which is run by a dutch lady, just no idea why she thought we might be dutch….could it be the accent???
Anyways, it was so worth while to go there, on the way, just over the rise of the road, we saw the ocean with some very large icebergs in it, the view was spectacular, Trinity lies on the east coast of the Bonavista Peninsula, a lot of the bergs end up here, in Conception Bay.
The B&B, named The Artisan Inn, serves a wonderful gourmet dinner , every night, at a certain time.
I decided to call ahead, and talked to Marijke, Tineke’s daughter, Tineke owns the B&B, and has lived in Trinity for over 40 years.
Marijke told me the dinner for that night,plus the dessert, and we were hooked, but….the dinner would be at 7, only one sitting.
We then realized that we would be there till at least 9, and it would be too late to drive home, the big warning here is to NOT drive at night, because of the moose and the pot holes.
You cant see either one, plus a mooses eyes dont reflect in the dark!!!
So… we opted out of the dinner but went there anyways to chat with Tineke and have a wonderful dessert on the deck, covered in blankets as it was still bloody cold, but sunny!!!
The B&B is basically booked full till December, once in a while there is a cancellation if you are lucky!!
We loved it there, and want to come back!!!! Thank you Tineke for your hospitality!!!!

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