Avalon Peninsula and Bonavista Peninsula.

We had seven days to travel around, and i thought for sure that we could do a huge part of the province….not so!!! It is such a beautiful place, with so many picturesque little places, that the going was slow, but oh so worth while.
We had chatted with a local truck driver, who told us;”dearie, you just have to go to Old Perlican, thats where the bergs are”!!!!
With names like Heart’s Desire,Heart’s Delight and the best of all,Dildo, these little towns are a joy to visit, Old Perlican is at the north point of Avalon,and as we came closer and closer, the fog set in, one side , towards the ocean, on the left, there was no fog, towards the right ,directly into the Atlantic, you couldnt see a few feet.
It made for a strange atmosphere, it felt like driving into nowhere!!
At Old Perlican,we turned west, and there were the bergs!!! Great big beauties, the ocean a dark blue, bright ,sunny sky, these bergs seemed to give off light ,they all had stranded on the bottom, there to stay , mostly 80 to a 100 meters deep!!!
The roads are dreadful, huge pot holes everywhere, so you do a lot of swerving and stopping, it must be so cold here in winter, with the gales blowing, hurricane winds are normal here.
But the people are great, friendly and helpful, always a kind word and a greeting.
We would love to come back here, maybe with a camper, so we can take our time, and travel through the whole province.

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