Fried cod with scrunchions!!!

The boys took me out for dinner on the first night, and i had the fried cod with scrunchions, little crunchy chunks of, i think, pork ,very yummy little guys, the fish was super.
They then drove me around the city, this place is truly booming, lots going on, traffic everywhere, everyone is busy and people are so friendly, i wanted to take them all with me!!!!
We drove to the Battery and up Signal hill, where you can overlook the harbor entrance and into the Atlantic ocean, no icebergs in sight just yet…..
A couple of black foxes were roaming around, they really are a variation of the red fox,the trouble is that people are feeding them, and then they rely on that, but coming winter they will starve to death as no one goes up hill in winter. One lady told me that a fox came up to her and rubbed on her legs,begging for food!!!
While i was there i heard on the radio that they were going to trap them and bring them into the wild. Good thing…..
Downtown, n one of the large new buildings is a Starbucks, yes, those guys are every here, but its a nice one, you can sit with your coffee and overlook the harbor, it became our favorite place to relax.

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