Wicked storms, bright sunshine and ice and snow!!!!

Its been crazy here, February has been a weird month so far, weather wise, usually we are quite protected here,in Saanich inlet,but the winds have been crazy, mostly SW, then SE, blowing at 25 to 30 knots.!!
On February 4th, that evening , a storm blew and did quite a lot of damage to boats in Tsehum Harbour, just north of Sidney, we have never liked it there too much, there are several derelics boats on the bottom, and its not deep there, and on that night,Feb.4, three more boats sank and two went on the rocky shore, buoy and all.
I took some photos of the news paper article, which will give you an idea.
One of the marinas here, in Saanich inlet also had extensive damage,and very strange things ,parts of docks, electrical boxes,fenders and rope ,came floating into our marina,as well as the marking buoys for the reef, two of them, they take an incredible beating out there,one of them came floating by our boat, and docked itself nicely a bit further on!!!

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