a little bit more about living on board of our boat.

This winter we are so very lucky to have a wonderful neighbour, when you live so close to each other it is so very important to be tolerant, to have respect for each other, and to help out where you can. In the last 10 years we have been very fortunate in the marinas we lived in, most boaters live on their boats for a reason, they want peace and quiet as much as everyone else.

When you live on board, there is an unwritten rule that you can very much so clamber on board of another vessel,if it and its rigging are making a terrible racket,we have used many packages of bungee cords just for that purpose, Bert will pull lines away from masts, tie lines together, and fix loud fenders, usually if you pour salt water over squeeky lines and fenders, it will stop them from keeping you awake.
Boats owners have always been grateful that we fix things and tie their rigging, a lot of skippers just walk away after sailing, not counting on the fact that a strong breeze can just grab that furled sail , and away it goes, we have seen this happen,usually too late as the breeze would by then have become a gale.
So, my advice would be, buy some bungees, it is worth it!!!!
Keep an eye out in your marina for trouble spots, things that are loose on other boats, no fun fixing this problem in the middle of the night!!!!

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