Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!!!

My incredibly smart husband one day, just this week, mentioned in passing, “did you try the other shift button???”    WHAT other shift button??????   oh my goodness, never did say i was smart, i just cant believe i never realized that the other one just might work!!        And it does!!!!!   YAHOO!!!!!!

So, i am back in business, my poor old computer is not done yet, still starts up, still purrs, is very, very slow, yes, but heh, i am slowing down too!!

To all of you, all of our friends, all our family, everyone out there that have crossed our paths sailing, travelling, that have always been there for us, through thick and thin, we wish you love and joy, bliss and excellent health , may we meet again in 2014, may you  have fair winds in your sails…….  May you be surrounded by loved ones, and have joy in your hearts, Bert and Mejan   from   SV Curtsy.

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