small trips, going here and there and everywhere…..

my shift button is still not working and the computer is very, very tired, i am amazed that it still started today…..  so i am looking around for a new one, thought at first i would buy a dell again, but after some research it doesnt look like dell is all that great anymore.   so i am thinking of an asus or an acer, after the holidays there should be some good sales coming up…. i hope…..

early november we hopped on the ferry in downtown victoria, which took us to port angeles, cold, cold day, but no strong winds, its amazing, after such a short ferry trip, all but 2 hours, how different everything is on the usa side, the whole feel is different, i find the people very nice, very helpful, the stores carry different things altogether, and everywhere are wonderful thrift shops, with great treasures.      we headed to port townsend that day, as its my most favourite town, plus we love the harbours with their many beautiful wooden ships, they were all tied at the docks after a summer of cruising , we found sv bertie also, the boat we saw and the skipper,peter, we met going around vancouver island.   it was an incredible day for photography, here are some photos.

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