time flies, when you live on a boat…..

Is the 12th of November today, and we are well settled.     the slip in Brentwood is good, well protected from all winds, Bert turned the boat around , so the bow is facing out, that way we dont get the slapping of the waves against the stern , our bed is just above that.

Old friends are still here, Matt runs the marina and as always does a great job, our friend David now owns two boats, SV Lucky is still out there on her buoy, and he bought  a wonderful  wooden fishing boat, ” Twin Oaks”, she was built in the 30’s, and is just a beauty, i believe her overall lenght is 32′, but i am not 100 % sure……

The first few weeks we had incredible fog, the kind where you cant see your hand in front of your eyes.       But then the sun came out, and the weather has been awesome!!!   Bert has been helping his brother, renovating a condo , and he also worked on a friends boat, a large Chris Craft, wooden hull, which kept him busy for several weeks.    One of the best things too about being here are the farms, and the huge variety of vegetables you can buy, i have missed that for sure.

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