The last leg of the trip around Vancouver island.

The more we headed towards Juan de Fuca strait, the more fog we encountered.     I dont like this waterway at all, heavy fog, giant ships , somewhere, out there……   and very few anchorages in between.    Bert wanted to do it all in one go, which means overnight, but i really was not up to that, not with the heavy fog.    I know, we have the instruments, but still……   I am always the very cautious one, going by my inner voice, i trust it totally.             We did see, once the fog lifted a bit, six humpback whales out there, they might have been bubble feeding, we couldnt see.   We stopped in Thrasher Cove at Port Renfrew for the night, the beach was full of brightly coloured little tents, a large group of teens, getting ready for the West Coast Trail, which starts here, and ends in Bamfield.  It was a rolly polly night, the swell comes straight in there, plus in the very , VERY early morning, all the small fishing boats head out to fish for salmon. They all go out at high speed, and leave a fantastic wake.     Next stop was Sooke, also in heavy fog, but when we came closer , the harbour was quite clear, if the fog is heavy there also, you cannot see the range, without the range there would be no way we would head in there.    “The Red Thread” was just behind us and let us lead the way.        Both boats anchored behind the spit, good holding, only thing, again, all the small fishing boats racing by at mac 10, trying to get the biggest fish!!!!!!!        Good grief!!!!!!                  We stayed two nights, Jess and Neil left as they had to get to Seattle , both would be starting work that next monday.           I had a hard time with all the traffic, all the people, the noise, and then the size of the grocery store!!!

On Sept. 8, we headed to Victoria, current in our favour, fog , yes, but it did clear later on in the day.      We never did go into the inner harbour with the boat, i was quite nervous, but all you need to do is follow the traffic line indicated on the GPS, ok, that all went well, until i looked behind us and there came the (giant)  COHO, ferry to the States.     Anyway, we made it in ok, grabbed the spot on the dock given to us on the radio, and did a sigh of relief, i did anyway……              Its pretty cool to sit in your cockpit, right below the Empress hotel, with a glass of wine, i felt rich!!!                 We walked into town several times per day, and one evening we had a dark beer (which we like), in the Irish pub, never really did that before, because we were always driving.   This time we just walked home again, it felt pretty special.

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