Wouwer Island, sealion colony.

We were told by our boating friends, that there is a sealion colony on the outside of Wouwer island, its totally open to the ocean, so we had to be careful.    We headed out in the morning with the dinghy, and the closer we got, the more we could hear them, bellowing, growling. They are on the rocks, on the outside of the island, the rocks are totally barren and very rough, the females were lying down at the waters edge, but near the top of one huge rock was the king of them all, a huge cinnamon colored male, what a fine fellow, he saw us coming, we approached carefully, and he proceeded to work his way to the top of the rock, and there he was, neck outstretched, making himself as tall as possible, letting us know, this was his domain!!!!!                 The longer we stayed, the taller he made himself, while the females eyed us with suspicion , what an incredible place they have to live.   We had to be careful for the waves, as they wrapped themselves around the rocks, and hit the dinghy sideways.  But what a worthwhile place to be, to meet these giant animals in their domain.

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