Hiking at the head of Effingham bay.

The books all talk about this hike, its not too long, and comes out at the other end of the island, at an ancient midden.       The day was beautiful, so we headed out in the dinghy, to find the start of the trail.     Yes, we got lost, yes, we didnt find it, got tangled up in shoulder high salal, and stomped into 2 feet of black mud.    So, all the other boaters were doing this hike……   Bert doubled back, and found the start, which was nicely marked by  small buoys ,hanging from the trees.      In the meantime i dropped my hat, somewhere, never said we were rugged and well prepared!!!     The hike was marvelous, this ecosystem is incredible, soft mosses underfoot, huge Sitkas, douglas firs, cedars, ferns everywhere, mushrooms just starting out, further on the trail  , dwarf pine, and the sound of the swell in the distance.    We had left the dinghy floating, but when we came back it was very high and dry on the rocks.    We have decided to buy  a piece of material , strong stuff, to put under the dinghy so we can slide it on that, not on the sharp rocks, we put a rip in the bottom, even though we carried it as much as possible.

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