Dixie Cove to Queen Cove, Esperanza inlet

We decided to go to Zeballos , when we lived in Port McNeill, we never did drive there, so this was our chance.   Plus, we were told that they have wonderful well water on the docks, the tanks were low, and it would give us a break in using the water maker.                The weather was cloudy, drizzly and quiet as we went by the Vulcanic islets , pretty impressive and scary looking rocks!!!      Queens Cove is the small Native village , some people still live there, but a lot of the houses are abandoned, the small wooden church still stands, but is not used.        The Ehattesaht  Band used to live here, and apparently  Chief Clakhoi lived to be a 115 years old in Queens Cove!!!!               We sailed past Nipple Rock, a darn scary looking  rock for sure!   The water of Esperanza Inlet is absolutely beautiful, what a colour, such a clear, vibrant green, i think there is a lot of runoff from the mountains here.    Birthday channel towards Queen Cove is amazing, i wish i could describe the colour somehow, its jade and emerald, green crystal and sunlight all in one.     We were invited for dinner on MV Meridian , Lisa made a wonderful chicken curry, still need to get the recipe from her, we shared wine and good conversation, wonderful evening!!!!

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