August 10th, Shendra’s birhday!!

Our dear friend Shendra turned 80 today!!   Happy, happy birthday !!!!

While we were in Scow Bay , we had a lady come by the boat, in her beautiful wooden kayak, her name is Lisa, and her and her husband were anchored out in West Nook anchorage, across from us.   She complemented us on Curtsy’s name, so many people now have said what a nice name it is, so very nice to hear!!     Lisa and Craig have a 57′ Nordhavn, a beauty, MV Meridian, and they became good friends.    LOVE their boat!!!  We left Scow bay in the morning, foggy and wet out there , and headed for Walters Cove, in Kyuquot Sound, there is a large indian reserve there .  The reserve is a “dry” community, no alcohol allowed, which is great!!       The people are very friendly, white and first nation alike live here together, all the kids play together,they are friendly and polite, a wonderful thing to see, wish it was every where like that…..       The supply ship MV Uchuck comes by with supplies , she is the life blood for this community and quite a few others.  They call her the ” Upchuck ” when the weather is rough!!               The sailing vessel “Angel whip” and “Meridian ” had gone ahead of us, so by the time we got there , the docks looked very full , we circled around for a while and i noticed a lone sea otter, in the middle of the bay, Bert was getting the boat ready , just in case we could raft, and i circled this little guy, he just stayed there, on his back, grooming, looking at me.   In the meantime Lisa called to us that there was a spot on the other side, it was tight but they would help us.  By the time we came in , having to squeeze between two fishing boats, everyone was there, ready to help The skipper of the one fishing boat gave us a tuna, solid frozen, which Bert filleted the next day and we shared with the sailors from Angle Whip and Lisa and Craig.  Bert had sushi!!!!         There is a walk around the whole bay here too, beautiful first growth forest at the shore ,and a coffee shop at the end of the walk, now what more do you need???           Then i noticed the pay phone on the dock, and i called everyone, to make sure they were all ok.    That evening we shared wine and appies on board of Meridian, Lisa makes the most incredible jewelry, absolutely beautiful.


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