We then headed to the Bunsby islands on August the 8th.

We saw sea otters everywhere now, i so love these animals, we could come so close to them, here they are, lying on their backs, busy grooming or munching on an urchin or a crab, and they look at us, as if to say, oh, hello, ah yes, another sailboat, how are ya?????    They dont dive, just stay there, i so love watching them.     We went around the Brooks Peninsula at 10.55 in the morning, and i saw my first puffins!!!!    The weather was quiet, basically no wind at all, ocean swell at 0.4 meter, so an easy trip.    What a wild place this is, the rocks look all but inviting, you really would not want to be here in rough weather. Solander Island is most impressive, we stayed well away!!!    Wind came up around noon, about 8 to 10 knots, NW, so Bert put the main up and later on the head sail.                          At the Bunsby islands there are quite a few choices for anchoring, but we noticed that three boats were already anchored in Battle bay, it has a beautiful , large sandy beach and a lot of history .    large battles happened here between the first nations, the local Checleset tribes were attacked by the Haida nation, who came all that way by war canoes, just incredible to imagine that.       The skipper of Bertie, Peter, went ashore in Battle bay, looking at the giant midden that is there, he figured that it was at least 30 feet deep, there fore about 3000 years old!!!    he was picking at some shells when a jaw bone fell out, he gently put in back in amongst the shells!!!   The small island in front of Battle bay, named Skirmish Island, has skulls on it apparently.    This is all private land and permission needs to be asked to land on it.      We went to Scow bay, the small anchorage next to Big Bunsby Island, a beautiful little spot, no other boat in it, well protected.     Later on, the next day, another sailboat came in, as the weather was changing to SE, and Battle Bay would not be comfortable.          We stayed here two nights, made water the next day, and did some chores.      We then started exploring the surrounding bays in the dinghy, oh, what beauty we found!!

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