Klaskish inlet, Bunsby Islands,Scow bay.

We left on August 6th, not much wind yet, fog banks approaching from the NW.   In Klaskino inlet Humpback whales, at least four of them, seemed to be very close to the shore, i watched them with the binoculars, and one of them, a very large one, came straight out of the water, down he came, with a huge bang, seconds later, up again, what a sight!!!!     I wish we would have been closer, but even so, it was incredible, ocean at starboard, whales jumping straight out of the water at port side!!!  What more do you want!!!!!       We aimed for Klaskish basin, to anchor there, the entrance was very narrow, i did wonder if the boat would fit!!    But, it was deep enough, the most important thing!!!!

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