moving on….

This coast is wild, threatening,overwhelming and yet unbelievably beautiful.  What a place to be able to visit, we are so fortunate.    I have more photos to publish but the connection is slow, and i am tired!!   We are in Winter harbour right now, fishing capital of the world as far as i am concerned!!     The trip from Sea Otter Cove to here was wild, beautiful and scary.    The sun came out, and with it the wind, NW  well up to 25 knots, the waves grew, and grew, Bert put on his life line when he went out, he raised the main and the genoa, tried to hook up the spinnaker pole to the sail but that didnt work well, need to do some modifications……..        Again, a Humpback Whale surfaced, right next to us, right among the by now 5 meter waves.    We had a following sea, but , they were big!!!!!     It took us 4 1/2 hours to  get to Winter Harbour, not too bad.   We anchored out in North Cove the first night.

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