August 1st, towards Cape Scott.

The weather was good, well, yes, fog, but we were now quite used to it, we decided to go on the inside of the Nahwitti Bar, and left just before slack of high water , that way it would work out well , once we were at Cape Scott.    There was a 1 meter swell, fog, but we could just see the shore line of Vancouver Island.         On the inside of the Bar, we met up with our first Sea Otter, lying on his back, munching on an urchin, just looking at us, no big deal, this boat going by!!!!!!       After a few hours the swell grew to 3 meters, but the waves were nice and smooth and steady.      Wind came up, NW, but never did  amounted to more then 15 knots.       We had a good look at the shore line, and noticed the wind mills, that we knew had been installed by B.C. Hydro, they are huge, we saw them being trucked every day, in pieces, going past Port McNeill last year.      We rounded Cape Scott at 14.30, now there  is a  confused sea for you, good grief, the tides were running every which way, waves going left, then right, but , we made it through!!!

We headed for Sea Otter Cove, a well protected anchorage, right next to San Josef bay.   There are 4 , hurricane strength buoys there, one sailboat had tied to one, we also saw the sailing vessel  ” Losloper”, just had to be dutch lads!!!!                                                             The bottom is mud and the holding is excellent!!!            The best thing was that night, when a little flock of Night Jars came, to hunt for the many insects, flying above the water, their calls are wonderful, i have never heard anything like it, its like music, a total little tune, i went outside, and shone the flashlight at the water, did see one bird, but they are very fast, i could see the huge amount of flies, the birds were having a feast!!!

We did go for the hike to Laury beach, at least, part of it, we started too late,and the trail is far from easy.     But the eco systems are amazing, it changes from old growth to almost like swamp, ferns every where and giant skunk cabbage.    They advise to NOT walk this trail after a few days rain, yes, i could see why, at one point, my whole hiking boot disappeared, foot in it,in soft, pitchblack mud, thank goodness the whole thing came back  up, not looking quite the same though……   We headed home after 2 hours, to a well deserved glass of red wine.

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