North bound….

After a good night in Granite Bay, we decided to have a look in Small Inlet, it is a marine park, and at the head is a wonderful hike to Waiatt Bay, which we had done before but from the other side.    We anchored along a granite wall, very steep, it was still blowing like crazy, well over 30 knots, williwaws i thought……..and yes, we got pounded by them, but, this was after the hike.  We stayed two nights, because the wind was just crazy out there, in Johnstone Strait.   Waiatt Bay has been mentioned in books for the large clam gardens and shell middens, actually, the whole beach, where it goes into the shore is all midden, i could not even try to guess how old these are.   The forest is marvelous, deer ferns, maple trees, large firs , Sitka  spruce, and the total peace and quiet only a forest can give you. We left on July 22, and i received well over 10 birthday wishes, the only thing missing was the cake……

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