Cant wait to be done with Johnstone Strait!!!!

On the 22nd. we left to try to get as far as Port Neville, we like anchoring there, the holding is good, plus we could get out of the wind.    The trip over there was by far the wildest we have had with Curtsy,she would literally dive down into the water, waves coming over the bow , totally covering the whole cockpit, i think she was having fun, and that evening, the boat was totally salt crusted .     Coming into Port Neville, after 7 hours of wave fighting, was a blessing, quiet, no wind,  birds everywhere, and while anchoring, a lone dolphin came to look at what Bert was doing, then swimming to the dinghy, having a look there, and back to Bert again, she stayed a while, then swam off into the bay.      From Port Neville we motored to Cutter Cove off of Chatham channel, a couple boats joined us, the bay is big enough, but that darn wind came up again, well to 35 knots, and yes , williwaws again!!!   We explored the bay with the dinghy, every where was evidence of large, once upon a time rock slides, the large, very high rock cliff had huge pieces missing, but, by the look of the boulders in the water this all happened a long time ago.   The wind died down for the night, and we slept well.       On July 24th, we motored (again), towards Simoom Sound, and saw our first Humpback whale this year, the area around the Ridge Islets is so full of life, birds every where, hundreds of gulls nesting, eagles, watching for snacks, scoter  ducks with a lot of young,  Porpoises , and yes, the whale.    What a marvelous spot, sure smelly though……..

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