In Comox, from July 6th, to July 16th.

Slowly, you start feeling at home, getting to know the boats around you, the people at the marina, and the birds and seals, the Eagle pair is still there, sitting on the lights above the breakwater, looking for lunch, one of them, ended up in the water, near our boat, we were ready to rescue her /him, but the bird swam ashore, using its wings.  The other eagle was sitting there, waiting patiently for its partner.    Scary though, they have been known to drown.       Early morning, a small seal swam underneath out boat, and then came up alongside, very close, breathing loud, she did this over and over, diving under, then coming up close to the boat, looking up at us.   She then rolled on her back, lay there for a while, and started all over again.      We met with Karen and Trev , Charlie and Ginger at the docks, and took Charlie for a dinghy ride in the harbour, he loves operating the dinghy, better then the sailboat!!!      After that we all had icecream cones, and very much so enjoyed each others company.

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