finally, back on the blog again!!!

Sitting in the MUGZ coffee shop , in Port Mcneill, with an excellent connection for the blog, and a very tasty vanilla soy latte, they make a dandy here, i had quite a few of them when we lived here last winter!!!    The last time i wrote , we were still in Pender harbour, tied to the dock of Doug and Martha, next to SV THEA.     Since then , we have mostly motored north, towards Comox, wind right on the nose again, until we rounded the north end of Texada, then Bert could put out some sail, not for long though, yes, no wind!!!!     But the weather was beautiful, bright sky, warm, no complaints!!!     We entered the large sand Bar towards Comox, surely not much water under the keel, 2.1 meters, yikes!!!    Then    HMCS Quadra came into view, with the school buses lined up nicely for the cadets, i used to work there a few years back, had a good time, but it is more fun to sail by!!!  We noticed a lot of new buoys there , our favourite anchoring spot was gone, so we put Curtsy in front at the breakwater for the municipal marina.   Good holding, which was tested the next few days ,as the NW wind blew continually, up to 30 knots.   The dragon boats practice every few days, and we picked out a favourite team , they had excellent timing and lots of strength.   We spend time with our grandchildren and children, Malcom came and stayed on board for a night, i think he did well, in the evening we took him for a dinghy ride around the bay.

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