Direction Campbell River, Seymour Narrows.

We left Comox on the 18th of July, and actually did some sailing, the current runs hard as you come towards Discovery passage, crazy wild water at Cape Mudge, it was very busy there, lots of people fishing, apparently the fishing is very good right now.     We decided to anchor in Gowlland harbour, nice and quiet in there, plus we discovered that Camp Homewood is there.   Maybe our granddaughter Jess was there……     We went across to Campbell River in the dinghy , not until the next morning though, Bert was tired, and the wind just howled outside of the harbour. Plus,  It runs at 6 knots there, so we really wanted the tide with us!!!!     The next morning we had coffee with Toni and Bill in their 5th wheel, so good to see them again, it was high time!!!      We stayed two nights, on the 20th we planned to motor towards Seymour Narrows, planning for slack turning to ebb, but we started out too soon, and had to head back into Gowlland, it was still running at 6 knots, we were going backwards.!!!!!      Hour and a half later we tried again, this time it looked ok, but at the entrance to Gowlland harbour we heard “Opa, Opa !!!!!   thats my Opa’s boat!!!!  And there was Jess , in a canoe , together with a friend, so we chatted for a bit, i took some photos of her, and by that time the current had really settled, so away we went.    I dont want to go through there again, really dont, the wind came up and it blew 38 knots, NW, right on the nose, so, current with us, but you could have fooled me, we hardly moved at all!!!!      The waves built to 4,5 feet, but we pushed on, oh joy, and after 5 hours, ended up at Kanish bay, and anchored in Granite Bay.  Its quite protected, and quiet.  We had a good night.

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