A little about the boat…….

We have been travelling a while now again, mostly motoring, some sailing, as we motor , we use the watermaker, usually making about 18 to 24 gallons per day.  We try to keep the tanks full.   Bert cleans the filters every day, plus runs water, made by the watermaker through the system, to prevent crystals from forming, and keeping it all clean.     He just did an oil change on the engine, and every thing works well.     We are extremely grateful for this every day.  Our anchor really is my best “friend” on the boat, we have not had any trouble , it sets well, and holds very good. It is a 60 lbs.  Manson, from New Zealand.  We also have a CQR, 35 lbs. which is now our spare.      I am growing the vegies again, never did stop, and have bok choy, spinach, basil, purple basil, chives, peas, and mustard greens ,growing in the small containers, we use them all for salads, and their food value is enormous, better then the vegies themselves.     I have also been making kale chips, takes forever, but are they ever good!!!    Rip small pieces off the large leaves, clean them, dry them, put in large bowl, add 2 tbsp. of olive oil, some salt, stir well, put on baking sheet, they cannot touch each other, or they will become soft, then bake at 325, for about 10 minutes, they will turn color, and crisp.  Soooo good!!!!!!!

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