Full moon, high tides.

We decided to stay a bit longer, the weather has not been good, lots of rain, but in between all that we managed to walk on Newcastle Island, in the evening, and it ended up being an amazing walk to say the least.    I had not brought my camera, usually, every time i dont do that, i see all kinds of wildlife, lots of interesting critters, this time was no exception!!!!      Starting off, at the dock, all the many birdhouses for the Purple Martins were occupied with parents and babies, right at face level!!!!!  This because of the high tide, they just sat there, looking at us with their little black eyes!!    These birds were just about extinct , and are now breeding here in good numbers.    Walking up the woodsy path, we came across 20 Canada geese, all standing on one leg, dozing, would have been a great picture…….    A small Raccoon , busy on the beach, digging up bugs in the seaweed, saw us, and charged up the bank, into a tree, and then sat , right at face level, looking at us!!!!   It then started to clean his tail, not paying any attention to us whatso ever!!!!      A few yards further, another Raccoon, big one this time, was busy on the beach also, this fellow though, must have felt our eyes, looked up, and was in the top of the biggest tree in about 5 seconds!!!       Then an owl called, a Barred owl, recognizing it from its hoots.    A sure sign that there could be an owl in the forest, is to listen for the robins, calling their warning call, they get very upset at this bird, as its after their babies. We didnt see him though……      Nine female deer grazed on the meadow, no bucks among them…..       Further in the woods, where the path becomes very narrow, all of a sudden , five heads popped out of the Salal, five Otters , on their way to the beach, to catch fish.   They came from a small pond.   But,a problem, there we stood,( not moving a muscle), would they keep going.????     They tried to cross 3 times, each time just not sure and stopping  in the middle of the path.   Then they gave up, went back to the pond, and we saw them swimming as we walked by.      Then the  owl called again, Barred owl for sure, lots of Robin calls also, we ventured into the woods, carefully, and ended up under the tree where the owl was sitting, the Robins were just furious at him, and dove down at him continuously , flipping up the feathers on his head with their feet.  By the way,   Barred owls have black eyes, one way to recognize them.     Dusk was slowly falling, and the forest became very quiet, when we walked out into the clearing, 4 beautiful bucks, all with antlers, were lying on the grass, they just looked at us, didnt get up,  and quietly kept chewing.    A great evening, no camera, but i think i enjoyed just being able to listen, and watch, and smell the fresh green smells of the forest.

2 thoughts on “Full moon, high tides.

  1. Your description is almost as good as a picture….I feel like I’ve been for a walk on Newcastle Island! Thank-you!

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