Some other improvements on Curtsy

While in Port Townsend, we found nice little speakers, white ones, for in the cockpit, i would like to play Mozart out there, to see, if the marine animals will react, especially the whales.  Plus, yes, also play all our other music!!!   Also, we bought a new floor for in the cockpit, white this time, the black was so dingy and dark, yes i know, white you say??  good luck keeping that clean Mejan, but these are actually easier to clean then the black ones,they are softer, and it really looks like the cockpit is larger…….We bought In Reach in Sidney, a program for tracking and for simple emailing and emergencies, and Bert has been working very hard on getting the SSB all set up, not as easy a task as we thought……     Then, we ordered a life raft, we are not bolting it to the deck, but have it in the bag, right below the main large hatch in the front, we have heard and read about too many horror  stories , about the case , the life raft is in, breaking lose from the deck. So, hopefully our decision is a good one, plus, we never ever hope to have to use it!!!!    For the rest, the micro greens are growing, the carpet has been cleaned, looks awesome , and generally the boat is in good shape.   Bert has been working on the wood, when he feels like it, the Cetol looks great, he put 5 coats on, around the windows too, we have tried everything else , so we’ll see if this holds up.      

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