Victorian homes and old trees.

In the 1870’s the trans-continental railroad reached Portland, and because of this ,fierce competition erupted between Seattle,Olympia and Port Townsend, all wanting to become the central city of the Puget Sound.    Port Townsend prospered  in the 1880’s, when local land owners started building ambitious residences.  Port Townsend was the second busiest port in the USA, outside of New York City.   However , when the depression started, most of the grand Victorian homes were abandoned, and people left town.   In the 1960’s, there was a renewed interest in these grand old houses, and people started buying them and restore them.  Now, twice a year, many of these homes are open for tours, and some have been made into inns.   Here are some of the ones i found and took pictures off, when it was not raining!!!

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