Christmas and the New Year.

To every one and all, a very merry Christmas ,to enjoy these special days ,together with loved ones , or by yourself, in peace and solitude.  Snow has  been falling all around B.C. and here , in Port McNeill  . It has been cold, well, in the north they would smirk at me, cold?? hah, you dont know cold, but it seems that this winter , there is a biting ,hard wind, the temperature constantly around freezing, with ice and snow.   The ice is my enemy at the moment, as i fell very hard , 3 days ago, and broke my right wrist.  Nice clean break i was told, so no worries about osteoporosis!!!   Working on the boat is a challenge,but dressing and undressing is even worse, i so admire those around us, that always have only one arm all the time, it makes me very grateful for a well working body.    We are travelling to the Comox Valley today, to be with our loved ones, i so look forward to watch the faces of the grandkids, there will be 7 of them, as they open the gifts.   To all our friends, all our family, we wish you a good New Year, full of joy, love, bliss, and excellent health!!!! For the sailors among us, may you have fair winds, may your ships fare well, may we meet on the waters!!!!     Bert and Mejan and Annie

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