A very special book.

My very dear friend Margo, gave me/us a book , an incredible book, the title is ; “Canada’s Raincoast At Risk”.  Art for an oil free coast.   Foreword is by David Suzuki, After word by Wade Davis.  The book is published by the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

This book is amazing, especially as we travelled this precious coast this year, and witnessed all the beauty in it, all the critters living there, wild shorelines, broken by the ocean swells, and then the birds, oh the birds, they talk about the  Sandhill Cranes, and for me , these birds made the biggest and most special impressions on us. If you get a chance, check this book out, the artists are amazing, through their eyes you can see the B.C. coast in a variation of different colors.  Nothing can and never should happen to this place, that is so very important to us. Speak out against the tankers, against the pipelines, if there ever were to be an accident, this will all the gone.

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