Tsunami warning……

Last night, saturday night,October 28th, we were watching a movie, relaxing, when some people were running on the docks, shouting very loud;” anyone on these boats??? is anyone here??”  My first thought was,Hah!! a halloween prank!!!!!    But when we looked out , there were red lights flashing everywhere, and then came the warning;”Tsunami!!!  go to higher ground immediately!!!!!”      We have never moved this fast; close all hatches,portholes, stove off, propane off, disconnect dock power, Annie was put in her little spot under the V-berth, she is safe there, and then run to the car, up the hill, and find a spot where we could sit and watch the marina.   Up till that point we had no idea what was happening, i had brought my cell phone, and received a message from our friend Margo, telling about the earth quake up near Haida Gwaii.    The earth quake registered 7.7 on the scale , a big one!!!    And then you start thinking, and realizing this could happen anytime, anywhere, when out on anchor also, the next one could be bigger……..  So… now we are putting together a package for in the car, food for Annie, fresh water, snacks for us. If there had been a tsunami, there would have been several waves, we are pretty safe here in Port McNeill, the waves would be blocked by the land around the bay, but it all depends too, on where the earth quake is.    So, i now tell anyone, living on boats, be prepared, if you are in a spot where the waves can come in without being blocked.   The safest for a boat is actually, to be out there, on the water, just ride the waves(so they say), when the boat is tied to a dock, its a totally different situation, if the tide would be very low, the wave could suck out all the water first, before coming back in with great force.  In Japan, with the dreadful Tsunami that happened there, the fishing boats out on the water were ok, but you must have seen the photos of the ones on the docks, and the ones in the harbor on anchor.   We are now going to have all our important papers close,in a bag to be taken with us, everything that needs to be saved,(passport,insurance) and as i said before, a second survival package,along with the one already in the car.    We heard this morning that the Tsunami went the direction of Hawaii, hopefully, it lost its strenght along the way.

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