heading north.

We left Ketchikan on August 13, a very foggy, dark morning, good thing we had the radar on, as a huge cruiseship came out of the fog, very slowly, accompanied by two harbour police vessels, big guns mounted on the front of their boats, they were making sure that  any  boat did not come close to this cruise ship, they looked at us with suspicion, but then smiled and waved us on, ohh, just a couple of Canadians!!!! Scary though, all these guns, you can but them anywhere, you see them everywhere, just not used to that!!!  I dont think a cruise ship is treated like that in Victoria…… We managed to make it through Tongass Narrows, into Clarence Strait, here the fog dissipated, there was a bit of wind, and we made it to Meyers Chuck, (where i am writing this now), a wonderful small bay, the shores are full of little cabins, there are no cars, just little boats, and most of the time, 20 people live here. We liked it right away, anchored smack in the middle, ( we were and stayed the only boat) and had a good night, the stars came out , i had not seen them for a long time.

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