Its June 28, ou…

Its June 28, our anniversary day, we have been married for 9 years, and have been living on board of Curtsy for all that time. A lot has happened, and i am not sure where to begin.We started our trip from Sidney B.C. after the boat was hauled out, an everything was checked and rechecked. New paint on the bottom, we had to fare her down to the gelcoat, what a job, wont be doing that again……but she looks great!!  We headed to Poets Cove, together with Roel and Ineke’s boat, and stayed there for 2 nights, had dinner together, and a good time, we wont be seeing them for a while now, and we will miss them!!  Our plans are to head to Alaska,see how far we get, where we will end up, if we will stay the winter, so far the weather has been terrible, cold, rain, stormy, we had a total of 3 sunny days in all of June!!!! I am writing this ,sitting in the boat ,(yes, rainy day!!), in Port Mcneill Harbour, eagles here, sit on top of sailboats,and fly over so close, that i could grab a tallon, they might have seen our little black and white cat, Annie, when she spots the eagle, sitting only a few feet away, she clicks her whiskers, as if to go after this large snack!!! We had a major breakdown a few weeks before, waterpump breaking off, (stainless bolts sheared in half), engine over heating, head gasket blown, then, oil leaking out, where…..??? crack in the bottom of the oilpan, actually, several cracks, AND dints in the bottom, so , this new engine had been damaged before we bought it,even the heatexchanger had a dent in it!!!!  We wont be going back to this Isuzu dealer again!!!!  We found a great mechanic in Port Mcneill,Steve, who owns Hyde Creek Boat @RV Storage, he is a heavy duty diesel mechanic, and are very happy with his work.   While waiting for parts, we were anchored in Shoal Harbour, close to Echo bay,in the Broughtons, near Bill Proctor, and his awesome museum.He is quite the lad, and we really enjoyed talking with him, his bay , where he lives , is beautiful, a very tranquil setting.From his place we could walk through the woods to Pierre’s marina, where  we could have internet connection, so we could make some phonecalls.  At Pierre’s we bought some necessary groceries, and while on anchor we made water with the water maker.  Once you stay in a place for a while, you start to notice things, the animals that live there, the bears, the area has been logged extensively, since 1886, a lot of it has been replanted, a lot not, the old floathouses are still there, only one still had someone living there, the rest were totally broken down, when we were there, is was new moon,and the tides were very low, and very high, the bears know this, and come out in the low tide, to dig for clams,and turn over every rock they can find, grabbing the little crabs underneath, they mostly eat the young grass in the spring,as it contains a lot of fat, but they love to dig for clams. A momma bear strolled by with her two cubs, little rolly polly black guys, so cute!!!!  in total, we saw 7 bears, every morning, at the low tide!! Bill Proctor told us that most of the deer are gone, as a few years ago, 6 cougars came to the island, (they swim across), the wolfs left too shortly after,so Bill has 3 deer in his back yard, they are quite tame, and you can hand feed them!!!

2 thoughts on “Its June 28, ou…

  1. Bert and Mejan Excellent Adventure is a title that might fit this blog. Happy sailing guys. Where are you bound? Oh, if you get to Peru, head for the tourist destination port of Ancon… a few hours sailing north of Calloa… the industrial port near Lima… If it’s summertime, look me up. Just ask for the ‘Gringo’ that helps people. Mel

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