A year ago….

I have been contemplating , stopping the stories about the trip last year, but then i see the photos, photos of good friends, places we love, and so, i go on.      So, on July 21st, leaving the nasty kelp behind, we tied to the dock in Petersburg again.      I like it here, i like the town, the people, and …. our friends Will and Trish were here too,with their sailboat, “Shadow dancer II, ”  tied close to us!!!     My veggie basket was almost empty, it contained two potatoes , one zuccini, one onion and some very dried out carrots.   Time to shop!!!     There are no chain stores here in Petersburg, other then one Rexall drug store, this is quite a wealthy town because of the fishing industry, all the stores are run by Hammer & Wikan Inc.     www.hammerandwikan.com            The grocery store provides a free shuttle , to and from the store.    The yellow , funky sailboat we saw in Ketchikan, was docked here too, which gave us the opportunity  to have a good look at her.    Here are some things that caught my eye while staying here.  Lords pocket, Thorne bay, eagles in Ketchikan 2017 004 Continue reading