The marina, and the slip Baraka goes into is an unbelievable tight spot, it so amazes me , how they have been going in and out of this spot for 7 years now!!!     Vaughan has to slowly come by the end of the slip , then the first mate ( or captain) has to step off, onto the dock, holding a line, as Vaughan slowly keeps on bringing the boat forwards, then the idea is to pull the stern slowly into the slip, remember , this is a very heavy boat!!!    The bow thruster should make this easier, much easier, it will still take a lot of practice, but we could already see that it will be a great help.Baraka Bashad 034You can see here ,the bow thruster working, pushing the boat over. Continue reading

Baraka Bashad left Canoe Cove and headed out , to practice with the bow thruster.   Everyone was exited for Vaughan, as it is quite obvious , how hard it is to manoeuver this boat.   Kenny also owns a large steel sailboat, i think he has a bow thruster also, not sure though……Baraka Bashad 031Baraka Bashad 024

A job well done for Baraka Bashad.

Vaughan decided to keep the boat out of the water for as long as possible, a job always takes longer then expected, some problems had to be ironed out , but slowly but surely the bow thruster was installed, fared and painted , first with a base coat, then several bottom paint coats.   Both Vaughan and Bert were very exited on March 31st, when Baraka Bashad went back into the water.    Last photo , a definitely happy Vaughan!!!!Baraka Bashad 004Baraka Bashad 002Baraka Bashad 013