2014,with a little bit still from 2013……

The new address for this blog is, svcurtsy.com

I am sitting in the salon , wind howling outside, the storm is suppose to be on its way by tonight, but we have already had a lot of wind with big gusts!!      The barometer is down to 990, and still dropping, the centre of the storm is on the west coast of Vancouver Island, there the waves heights will be 9 meters by tonight, plus a wind of 55 knots.   We are expecting around 45 knots.     So……Bert has been adding fenders, Scotties, the only ones to use we think, and checking all the lines , also of the boats around us.     The Scotties do not ride up in the water, we have seen many boats with regular fenders, the long skinny ones, in trouble because the fenders ride up and the boat’s hull is rubbing the dock, a Scotty fender will stay put.       So here is January , a new year, a new start, we are unsure of  what is going to happen with us, Bert would like to work again for a few months, maybe as many as 9, so i am searching for a place to be, where i can bring the boat and live there peacefully.      We are both healthy, have everything we need here on Curtsy, so we feel very blessed and grateful, hopefully we still get to go north this year, time will tell.

So, now just a little bit more about the last bit of 2013, a few photos and then i will start new stories.

We really enjoyed it in the States, found the people very friendly, and we would love to go back again soon.  We didnt travel far, mainly to Poulsbo and then headed north again, i loved that town,its cozy and looks very European, most of the settlers are from Norway, and that it evident everywhere.    I found a wonderful 2nd . hand store, with beautiful vintage jewelry for sale, and for some very good prices too!!!    Because of  Thanksgiving and Christmas coming soon, everything was very festive , with many buildings decorated with colored and white lights.     We hope to go back to this area again soon.

1 thought on “2014,with a little bit still from 2013……

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time! Wish we could’ve caught up with you there! Poulsbo is only about 2 hours from us by boat. Next time…
    We are very glad to hear all is well! Good wishes as you determine where you will call home for the next few months!

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