A stay at the farm…


young flies,rounded wings,buzzing up a storm against the window,rain is clearing,blue sky, the mountains visible in between the clouds.         Deer are coming forwards,i am not outside now,so all is safe.     Wood stove humming with the heat,i can feel it against my back,so wonderful, so comforting.      Very large puddles in the fields, the sun reflecting in the now quiet water, some fields are fully flooded, ducks landing, to do some dabbling, frogs croaking every where, robins singing , i do believe spring is here……..       Deer jumping the fences, on spring loaded legs, keeping an eye on me, behind the glass, candles burning, a soft golden light, trying to read the words in my book.         They are coming closer now, its all ok, dusk is coming fast,i am quiet.    A large female deer, trying to out stare me, i am holding still in the candle light , a raspberry hovering , halfway to my mouth.      Not moving and then she jumps the fence,closer still , all other six follow to graze around the cabin.   I can still see the last deer, almost dark out there now, its shape is close to me , it munches on some grass here and there, before jumping the fence, with incredible ease.     The sky is clear, it will be nice tomorrow…….

new blog

I finally created a second blog for my beading, which i have been doing for over 20 years.   Whenever i create some new bracelets or necklaces, i end up selling them, i have been trying to keep some of them and maybe have enough for a market, but thats just not working.   So, i decided to show them off on a blog.  Enjoy!!  www.blissfulbeadingonaboat.wordpress.com